Cirque Le …Snob

Girls collect insecurities through life, fighting to look their best and keep up with the height of fashion. But who decided when not looking good enough would stop you from enjoying a night out?

The busiest, vibrant, energetic city – Yes, of course, London! – Is home to thousands of clubs, pubs, bars all offering different experience for nights out. But also offering an opportunity to be ridiculed and embarrassed when you are not ‘pretty enough’ for the top end clubs.

Saturday night, make-up being slapped on, hair sprayed to death, and feet already half dead from practicing your walk in your new heals. Six of us were getting ready to celebrate a friends 18th birthday, who wanted to party in the city. With a bit of networking, a promoter got us on a guest list with a table at Cirque Le Soir, one of the biggest nightclubs in London – with the likes of Justin Bieber celebrating his birthday there. We were all ecstatic.  Of course, the birthday girl was even more delighted and couldn’t wait to party in style.

We arrived at Oxford Circus at half 10, feet battered and bruised from the blistering pain of heels and hairs on end as the coldness whisked straight through us. Our jaws dropped when we reached the club, and what was meant to be a queue was more of a herd, stretched back almost to Kingly Street. We didn’t mind though, lucky for us we would be queue jumping according to our ‘promoter’. Rain drizzling down our faces, feet hanging off and two hours later; we were still outside huddled together in an attempt to keep warm. Our so-called ‘promoter’ had lied, and to be honest seemed to be a ‘nobody’ when it came to getting in – he had no power whatsoever. To make matters worse, the chauvinistic pigs otherwise known as ‘security’ were constantly pushing us in and yelling in our ears. Never met people so rude. Did they never learn manners?

Eventually… we reached the front. Hooray! A lady greeted us, who resembled an uglier version of Sarah Jessica Parker, wearing a long black fur coat and a scruffy ponytail. Her obnoxious attitude automatically made me dislike her. She made us wait enough fifteen minutes (you could tell the power had gone straight to her head), until she glaringly looked us all up and down, being in no way subtle or shy. What gave her the right? Had she even brushed her hair?  “You! Let me see what you are wearing” she demanded to my friend, pulling her forward in front of the rest of us. A few awkward minutes went by as the lady examined my friend from her baby toe to her last bit of frizz on her afro. “I can help half of you, those who are 20” the lady scowled; bearing in mind she knew we were celebrating a friends 18th. Within seconds security had shoved us out the queue. We were livid. We had waited two whole hours, for what?

The manager attempted a weak argument with us, “We only let girls in who are 21”. I told him I had been in the club when I was 18 and 19, so I didn’t believe they only let 21 year old girls in. He claimed those who are younger are in on ‘discretion’ as they were private premises, and therefore could do what the hell they wanted. Apparently.

After making the best of a bad situation we found another club to prance around in, and enjoy ourselves. But the door lady still had an impact on our night. Tears began to unfold, and two friends blamed themselves for not being allowed in, saying they weren’t pretty enough, or were too big, or weren’t dressed right. How can this woman make girls feel so inadequate? How can she make us feel ugly and reduce girls to tears? Who is she to judge?

One thing for sure, is none of us will ever be returning to Cirque Le Soir, or any other club which are discriminating against looks, size, race or apparently ‘age’. It’s disgusting how a club which is supposed to host a night of fun and laughter can instead be the pinnacle of girls feeling insecure and unattractive. London’s nightlife needs to be reassessed, instead of stereotyping people and judging them on their image. It’s made Cirque Le Soir extremely shallow.